Every second time ticks away and now is no different. Defeat different foes before they get close. Hitting the wrong foe with the wrong attack will cost you dearly.

  • Give time to those who need it as father time
  • Take time from those who don't deserve it as death/reaper


Aim attacks with: Arrow Keys 

Time Attack: Z (use on white blue eyed enemies)

Death Attack:  X (use on gray red eyed enemies)

Part of the "Awesome Per Second" Game Jam by Extra Credits

My first game using pico-8 and Lua. Game was made in less than 24 hours instead of 48 due to prior personal commitments.


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I can't seem to start the game. Also, the bottom buttons on the first screen are clipped. Can't read them. :/

do you have java enabled and are what's your resolution on pc. 

Oh wait. Now it works! Apparently tried to press X+Z in the wrong way earlier.