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Update 05/14/2019
We're back with another update making Chibisu more Chibi and fun than ever. The largest part of this update is teams being added. Players can now play on teams...
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Update 04/06/2019
Now that Pax is over and we fixed every bug you all caught (gotta patch em all!!) we can push another update. We also made several parts of the game a bit faste...
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Major Update 03/27/19
Now that PAX East is only one day away and we've finished updating everything we can, we can finally post the latest build. The biggest part of this build is Ch...
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Update 03/07/2019
Hey! We figured we'd do a smaller update right before PAX East 2019 even though we just posted huge one to make sure you'll be playing as close to that show's b...
Update 02-26-19
After showcasing at BFIG, prepping for our early access launch, showcasing to CS4RI, and all our other ventures we can now bring you the newest version of Chibi...
Update 05-14-2018
Hi All, We got a bunch of stuff this patch. We added a new interactable, a plug that can drain the water from the lake to stop those pesky campers from using it...
Update 05-08-2018
Hello All, We're working a few cool new things such as picking teams, a way to drain the water so players can't avoid you as easily, map variation/randomization...
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Update 04-08-2018
Hey all, Sorry for the long time in between updates. We've been very busy with tax season, the scientist, another new costume, applying to steam/ID@Xbox, and tr...
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