Update 01-28-2018


  • Scientist to Costume info and ability screens


  • Base Costume's 2 & 3 abilities now only cancel with a second tap instead of having to hold the key down
  • Renamed game from "Crusade" to "Combat" to better describe its multiplayer focus. If and when a story mode comes out it will still be called Crusade


  • Fixed Base Costume's Dance and Icecream eat abilities to properly and consistently start and stop all animations, sounds, and effects
  • Fixed Base Costume's Sprint's "kicking" mechanic to be slightly smoother and more consistent
  • Fixed Ability Info Screen
  • Fixed Base Costume's Basic Attack Ability to properly rotate with player's direction
  • Fixed Respawn counter to properly take 5 seconds then 15 to choose location
  • Fixed Player spawning in water area and being trapped
  • Fixed main menu rarely showing costume screen when not on it

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