Update 02-06-2018


  • Added keyboard backing to menu (use Y or keypad minus)
  • Added an alpha change when damaged so players can more easily tell


  • Changed how force is applied for abilities when hit.  Now abilities will move the player slightly farther while also being more consistent.


  • Fixed menu confirm/fail sound playing at the same time when 1st player joins
  • Fixed menu controller 1 able to join but not leave for other players using controllers
  • Fixed playing back menu sound on start screen where you can't back out but plays anyways
  • Fixed base costume ice cream throw 4th ability from playing a hit sound
  • Fixed sound menu saving bug that happens when no changes were made and no previous save exists all sounds get muted and saved
  • Fixed bug where players can't leave costume select screen.
  • Fixed bug where force was inconsistent during some abilities


Chibisu's Costume Combat Pre-Alpha.zip 34 MB
Feb 05, 2018

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