Update 02-12-2018

Hi All

 This is going to be a rather short post but important nonetheless. As you now we want the maps to be more interactable and have unique things to do on it besides just fight using abilities. We finally have some progress on interactables even if a small one. The apple tree now can be shaken to have its apples knocked down. They can be picked up for 2 health a piece.  It takes 30 seconds for the tree to regrow its apples so people can't spam it for health. Just get close and look for the red outline to tell if it can be interacted with. These numbers like all of numbers will be tweaked over time. Getting this small change done helps us prep for larger interactable such as the raft to help cross the lake.  

That was done while the scientist is tested and polished and while we work out some kinks on the new game modes we've been testing out. The scientist should be out next month if all goes well.

Patch Notes


  • Added Apple Tree as an interactable with a 30 second cooldown and 3 apples that heal 2 health each. Respawn and Interact are the same key/button


  • Changed Apple tree collision and location


  • Fixed Tag Last It so it properly adds every player who wasn't it at the end as a winner

Coming Soon

  • Scientist is getting closer to release. All that is needed is a few minor bug fixes and sound effect changes.
  • More interactables such as
    •  Raft that takes you across the small lake
    • Trash can that can be hit towards enemy players
  • New Game Modes such as
    • King of the Ring - King of the hill style game but the hill moves
    • Casualty Course - A game mode where you must defeat other players and collect waypoints


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