Update 04-08-2018

Hey all,

Sorry for the long time in between updates. We've been very busy with tax season, the scientist, another new costume, applying to steam/ID@Xbox, and trying to get a table at Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG). Good news though we've updated the game quite a bit. We made some of the art better and released the scientist and a new game King of the Ring. We're still prepping for the BFIG entry submissions so we may not have much updates in between but we'll definitely be updating in the meantime. 

Also we created a Google Group Newsletter feel free to sign up here to get notified about game updates and general news about Chibisu.

So you have some info to keep you sated while you wait, the new costume we're working on is an army general character. While nothing is set in stone since we're still prototyping him here are some abilities we're testing. Some will stay some will go. We just need to see what works overall for his kit before we decide what to animate and polish.

  • Cigar Smoke - you know how all generals love smoking cigars? Well now you can too and while you're at it you might as well breathe some smoke into the faces of your enemies
  • Medals - Generals have been serving for a while so they have tons of medals so many that there's a little ton. Imagine being hit with all them. Ouch!
  • AR - He's a general so he's got to know how to handle a gun. Show your enemies how well!
  • Clay-more - Place it and wait for your enemies to set it off. Nothing like being able to block a path to keep yourself safe. Why not make it a "safe" explosion path?
  • C4 - nothing like an explosion to brighten your day. Why not C4 yourself?
  • Tank - Yup. He's going to ride in a tank. Need we say more?
  • Nuke - Well he is a general so he has to be able to let some steam off. Why not highly radioactive steam from a HUGE explosion?
  • AirStrike - Why not call in a devastating airstrike to conquer your enemies. Can you really have enough explosions?

Patch Notes


  • Added Scientist costume prototype preview. It's still a work in progress like the rest of the game but it's far enough along to start showing off.
    • Basic Attack: Throws a chemical flask that releases a deadly chemical concoction upon hitting an enemy or reaches the max distance
    • Ability 1 Chemical Concoction: Switch up the chemical that gets released from the basic attack.  Choose between 
      • an explosion that damages anyone who gets caught up in its blast radius.
      • a small fire that spreads a bit after a few seconds and damages anyone while they are in it.
      • a small poison cloud that moves slowly in the direction the flask was thrown in that damages anyone while they are in it.
    • Ability 2 Portal Generator: Toss a small grenade that spawns a two way portal. Hit the ability again to throw the second grenade. Be careful though both you and enemies can use either portal. It could save your life or cost it! 
    •   Ability 3 Laser Gun: Quickly shoot a laser in the direction you're facing. 
    •   Ability 4 Doomsday Device: Drop a doomsday device and after a few moments anyone still in its large radius will take massive damage but use it wisely it has a long cooldown.
  • Added new game mode "King of the Ring" prototype  preview - stay in the moving ring to gain points and knock and keep your opponents out of the ring to prevent them from gaining points.
  • Added ability stat numbers to the costume info screen for the scientist.


  • Changed Force so it's applied over time instead of instantly to reduce.
  • Changed some parts of the map so if you walk into it you slowly move around it. Some places are edges of the tree and lake so it's easier to move around
  • Change how the UI works with different sized local player screens. Now the UI will be on the edge of the screen and gets smaller when the player's screen is smaller so it takes up less space such as when you have 3-4 players
  • Changed base costume's sprint cooldown from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds since it was up to often and it allowed players to run for too long.
  • Changed base costume's ice cream throw cooldown from 1 second to 3 seconds since many players just spammed it more often than not


  • Fixed rare cases where timer settings wouldn't carry over to the game and default to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed rare cases where the scores settings wouldn't carry over to the game
  • Fixed costume info screen to display proper costume name text.


  • Updated several map tile art
  • Updated apple tree art
  • Updated house art


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