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Update 05-14-2018
Hi All, We got a bunch of stuff this patch. We added a new interactable, a plug that can drain the water from the lake to stop those pesky campers from using it...
Update 05-08-2018
Hello All, We're working a few cool new things such as picking teams, a way to drain the water so players can't avoid you as easily, map variation/randomization...
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Update 04-08-2018
Hey all, Sorry for the long time in between updates. We've been very busy with tax season, the scientist, another new costume, applying to steam/ID@Xbox, and tr...
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Update 02-12-2018
Summary Hi All This is going to be a rather short post but important nonetheless. As you now we want the maps to be more interactable and have unique things to...
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Update 02-06-2018
Added Added keyboard backing to menu (use Y or keypad minus) Added an alpha change when damaged so players can more easily tell Changed Changed how force is app...
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Update 01-28-2018
Added Scientist to Costume info and ability screens Changes Base Costume's 2 & 3 abilities now only cancel with a second tap instead of having to hold the key d...
Update 01-19-2018
New Additions Added "Character Select" screen to main menu so when scientist costume is ready it can be implement more easily. Added move sound when changing bu...

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a place to list bugs, glitches, or issues that should be fixed
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A place to tell the devs what should be added, changed, or removed and to just give them an idea of what you think
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